Step Renew MAP Policy



Olympic Step Renew Resurfacing Kit - Effective March 1, 2022

Kelley Technical Coatings, Inc. (Kelley Technical) is the manufacturer of the Olympic brand of superior pool coatings, deck coatings, and allied repair and maintenance products. Kelley Technical is adopting the policy outlined below to protect and strengthen our well-known brand.

Kelley Technical is instituting a MAP (minimum advertised price) Policy on Olympic brand STEP RENEW Resurfacing Kit for Vinyl Liner Pool Steps. This applies to product numbers 920/EA, 921/EA, and 922/EA. It is the intent of this policy that any advertisements of Olympic STEP RENEW must not be below the MAP price indicated. This Policy applies to all resellers of Olympic STEP RENEW. Please see Schedule A below for MAP.

Kelley Technical reserves the right to monitor and enforce this MAP Policy as deemed appropriate to achieve this goal. Kelley Technical may modify this Policy at any time at its sole discretion and will enforce this policy at its sole discretion. Other Kelley Technical products may be added or removed from this Policy at the sole discretion of Kelley Technical.

This Policy applies to all advertisement and promotion of the product by resellers in print and on the internet including without limitation all websites, social networks, banner ads, broadcast emails, landing pages, etc. Note that this policy applies only to advertised prices and not to the price at which the Product is actually sold to an end customer, which is set by Resellers.

It is a violation of this Policy for resellers to advertise or otherwise promote STEP RENEW at a net price lower than the published MAP price (schedule A) per kit. It is a violation of this Policy for any reseller to sell Step Renew to any person or entity that advertises or promotes a net lower price than the MAP price. Resellers are free to advertise Step Renew on the internet or retail promotion for any price equal to or higher than the MAP.

Olympic Step Renew offered for auction online or for sale through an online liquidator or online shopping engine must have a clearly displayed Price that complies with the Kelley Technical MAP Policy. Statements such as "click for price" or "add to cart for pricing" or “priced too low to publish” will be deemed to violate Kelley Technical’s MAP Policy.

Kelley Technical does not allow its copyright, trademarks, trade dress, text or other intellectual property (Kelley Technical IP)to be used without Kelley Technical’s authorization, except for fair uses that may not be prohibited under applicable law. Sellers of Kelley Technical products may not misrepresent any warranty information, nor make any false or misleading statements regarding any affiliation with or endorsement by Kelley Technical.

Kelley Technical reserves the right to take any permissible action against offending parties in connection with Kelley Technical IP.

ENFORCEMENT: Kelley Technical Coatings reserves the right to identify and notify violators of the MAP Policy. After identification and warning to the reseller, upon a second violation, Kelley Technical at their sole right and discretion, will place reseller on a prohibited list of resellers and Kelley Technical will stop all sales of Step Renew to that reseller.

It is the Resellers’ responsibility to comply with the Kelley Technical MAP Policy including the Kelley Technical IP requirements, and to provide its employees and agents with any training and instruction to ensure compliance. Kelley Technical reserves the right to take any action permissible by law deemed necessary to address a failure of compliance.

Kelley Technical thanks you for your understanding and compliance with this MAP Policy for Olympic Step Renew products.