Application Procedure

How to Apply

Once you have followed the correct surface preparation procedures for your swimming pool, you will be ready to apply your new surface. Remember that the surface preparation is of primary importance. If these instructions are followed you should not encounter any new surface problems.



The POXOLON 2 System

If applying POXOLON 2 to a bare surface, be sure to use the appropriate primer, depending on the surface. When recoating old epoxy, make certain that all glossy surfaces of the old epoxy are dulled down by light sanding. Most important! Prior to the application of any coating follow the three step cleaning process. Use a 9" roller cover with a solvent resistant core. While coating, use firm even strokes with plenty of product in the roller to "squeeze" the coating into the porous surface. This will insure good adhesion. Apply the second coat of POXOLON 2 when the surface is dry enough to walk on without marring the finish. You will get more coverage out of the second coat and it will be quicker to apply.

Allow the second coat to cure as recommended on the curing schedule below before filling your pool with water.

Coverage: 225 - 250 square feet average per gallon

The ZERON System

Application of the ZERON system is best with a 9" roller cover with a 7/16" nap and a solvent resistant core. See the section on epoxy coatings to determine the proper coating procedure for your present surface condition. If you are recoating an epoxy finish, be sure to sand any glossy spots in order to assure good adhesion. Spot prime any bare spots with the recommended primer shown in the chart on page 2. Allow this primer to cure for the proper time and you are ready to apply ZERON. ZERON requires only one coat. A liberal application will provide a very durable finish. Be sure to coat the walls first and the floor last. Allow the ZERON to cure for the recommended period as shown in the curing schedule below.

Coverage: 125 - 150 square feet average per gallon

Curing schedule for POXOLON 2 and ZERON before filling pool:
3 days @ 75° F to 85° F (25° C)
4 days @ 70° F to 75° F (21° C)
5 days @ 65° F to 70° F (18° C)
6 days @ 60° F to 65° F (16° C)

For steps, shallow areas and wading pools, we recommend sprinkling white sand or marble dust on the coating before it dries to make the area slip-resistant.


Paralon 2 and Optilon

The application procedure for PARALON 2 (chlorinated rubber) and OPTILON (synthetic rubber) are identical. MAKE SURE THE POOL SURFACE IS 100% DRY. This is critical. Water trapped under the new film will eventually result in blistering as vapors try to escape. Spot prime any bare spots with the rubber-base coating. PARALON 2 and OPTILON are self-priming.

Rubber-base finishes require two coats if best results are to be expected. If the surface is bare, thin the first coat 20% with No. 1111 VOC Compliant SOLVENT. Ask for a roller cover with a solvent resistant core. Apply the first coat in a smooth even manner. Allow this first coat to dry before applying the second coat.

The second coat should be applied at full strength. It is always best to start and finish coating in a corner if there will be periods when you are not working. This will prevent any roller marks that might occur.

Coverage: PARALON 2: 250 square feet average per gallon

OPTILON: 250 square feet average per gallon Curing schedule before filling pool: Average 5 days minimum depending on temperature.



Application of HYDROLON is very similar to rubber-base coatings, however, because HYDROLON is water-reducible acrylic enamel, it can be applied directly to the damp surface. No drying out time after cleaning. On bare surfaces, thin the first coat 10% with water. After completely drying, apply the second coat full strength.

Coverage: 250 square feet average per gallon Curing schedule before filling pool: 3 days at 65°F average temperature.