Your Complete Pool Step Refinishing Kit

Pool steps are used in very difficult environments and over time show the wear and tear of general use and continuous exposure to sun, seasonal heat and cold, moisture, and pool chemicals. Don’t replace – Renew!

Olympic Step Renew provides a simple process to revitalize old and weathered thermoplastic and fiberglass pool steps used in vinyl liner swimming pools. The Step Renew kit contains the tools, the cleaner, and the coating needed to easily renew your pool steps and extend their useful life

  • Pool steps look new again at a fraction of the cost of replacement
  • Complete kit provides needed materials in convenient one-stop format
  • Simple prep and application – Finish your project in a few hours
  • Epoxy Patching Compound for repairing damaged steps
  • Durable finish provides years of performance and protection
  • High-hiding formula covers in one coat
  • Popular White, Blue and Gray finishes coordinate with varying pool schemes
  • Anti-slip silica sand provided for tread areas to promote safety

Just Like New - With Step Renew


  • Technology: High Solids Epoxy Coating
  • VOC: Compliant everywhere
  • Sheen: Gloss
  • Mix Ratio: 3:1
  • Coverage: Kit provides enough material to coat one set of 8 foot wide pool steps
  • Dry (Cure) Time: At 75°F or higher – to touch in 4 hours; to light foot traffic in 24 hours; to filling pool in 3 days.
    Lower temperatures and/or higher humidity levels may extend these times.
  • Working Pot Life: One hour average
  • Solvent / Clean Up: Olympic Epoxy Solvent No. 1109