947 Matte Clear Sealer

947 Matte Clear Sealer

Water-borne acrylic coatings designed to protect and preserve the appearance of natural stone and rock, pavers, exposed aggregate, and brick surfaces. Formulated to give excellent protection from salt exposure.

Note: Not recommended for stamped concrete or wood.


•  May be applied to slightly damp surfaces

•  May be used on water features

•  May be recoated in 4 hours (minimum)

•  Protects against oil, stains, salt, and weather

•  Applies milky-white in appearance - dries clear

•  Requires two coats on most applications

•  Only use matte finish for foot traffic area

•  Low VOC, less than 100 g/l

•  No solvent fumes

•  Water clean-up

Coverage: Apply at 275 - 450 sq. ft. per gallon. Coverage and spread rate will vary depending on the porosity and texture of the substrate.